I recommend pastry flour. If you want light and flaky shortbread cookies you need to use pastry flour. Pastry flour is a lower-protein flour that produces lighter and flakier cookies than all-purpose flour. If you only have all-purpose flour you can use it instead of the pastry flour but the measurements for the flour will be different. Remove the dough from the processor. Form a ball with your hands. Dust with flour, then cover in plastic wrap. Let rest for about one hour in the refrigerator. If the recipe calls for one pastry shell, carefully wrap the second half of the dough in plastic wrap and freeze for another use. Thaw in the refrigerator. The dough (and its variations) can be prepared and refrigerated overnight or frozen up to 3 months, covered tightly with plastic wrap; thaw frozen dough overnight in the refrigerator before using. The baking time for each variety of shortbread will vary depending on the kind of pan and cutters used.

2.Multi-Function Use:Perfect for make cookie dough,pizza crust,pastry dough, tart dough, pie crusts and flatbreads etc. 3.Easy to Use:this device can make holes in shortbread cookies or pizza crusts,speeds up the process of dough holes.Previously using a fork and that took a lot of time,now a roll over the dough and it is done. Apr 10, 2019 · Honestly, you don’t need to make any other cookie — these slice and bake chocolate orange shortbread cookies should be your go-to, now and forevermore. Made with salted butter, citrus zest and chunks of semisweet chocolate in a buttery shortbread dough, I dare you — DARE YOU — to eat just one at a time.