Net Graph ConVar control net_graph Base command to configure how net_graph is displayed 0 = No graph (default) 1 = Draw basic netgraph (text only) [areas 3, 4, 6 and 7] 2 = Draw data on payload as well as latency and interpolation graphs [areas 8 and 9] 3 = Draw payload legend [area 1] and packet loss percentage and choked packet percentage ... a QC-LDPC code can be defined by its base graph and shift coefficients (Pi,j). Elements 1s and 0s in the Elements 1s and 0s in the base graph are replaced by a circulant permutation matrix and a zero matrix of size Z Z, respectively.

(1) 2.2 Graphical Representation Tanner considered LDPC codes and showed how they may be represented effectively by a so-called bipartite graph, also known as Tanner graph [2].It provides a complete representation of the code and it aids in